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About events and news posted:

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We suggest you confirm the locations and line ups of promotions before
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promoters who support us and whom provide legitimate and
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About Columns, Photography or any other submitted and published works:
These are the opinions and experiences of other people and we do not
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All photography with our logo on it specifically copyrighted by The Big
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Please do not use the material or photographs published in The Big Times
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About our forums:
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The Big Times Magazine reserves the right to remove any postings from
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Troll: A troll is a person who posts inflammatory or controversial dialogue
on an internet forum simply to upset people in the forum community.
They often do not believe in what they are posting and often will hide
behind a special handle or false name or register on a forum for a one-time
post to solely to defame a person or a person's viewpoint. They post to
appease a vendetta they have with a person that they could not solve
intelligently or by honorable means and are usually very frustrated. They
also post about personal issues usually not related to the topic at hand.

About our links cited:
The Big Times Magazine does not assume any responsibility for the
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Privacy Statement:
We may use outside advertising companies to display banners on this site.
The advertisements may use cookies. Cookies received with banner ads are
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our web site and our forums. The Big Times Magazine posts up many
pictures of people at events, promoters, DJ's, artists, models, event
decoration, art and musical talent on our web site. If you find something
offensive or misquoted, it was most likely done so in a humorous manner
or is unintentional. If your name is listed under a picture and you would
prefer anonymity, please CONTACT US. We will more than likely help
you out.

Please note if you are present at an event we cover there is an implied
agreement to being photographed by the press or written about in reviews.
If you are a performer we will always attempt to be honest and fair in our
review statements but music and art, and product observation and critique
will always very subjective. We do not intend our features or presentations
to be tabloid or obtrusive, and in fact take pride in our efforts towards
journalistic integrity and industry standard protocol.

The Big Times Magazine reserves the right to modify or develop additional
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